The Bimah Project 5778

February 12, 2018

Congregation Etz Chaim appreciates your past support and we want to inform you of this year’s premier fundraising event: The Bimah Project 2018. This is a wonderful opportunity to support both our important day to day work as well as to improve or replace the following ritual objects:

· Our Ark which was built over 20 years ago has come to the end of its useful purpose. We have commissioned a unique portable Ark from a local woodworking studio to house both of our sacred Torahs. CEC members and architects Arthur Marcus and Steven Coren will help with design aspects.

· Repair our Torah scrolls by a local Sofer which have become damaged over time.

· Commission new lecterns for the Rabbi and Hazan which will complement the design of the new Ark.

· Purchase a new Eternal Light to be placed on the new Ark.

· Acquire a new Candle Lighting Table for Shabbat Services.

· Commission a traditional Torah Chair so the Torah has a place to sit before it is returned to the Ark.

Our ambitious but attainable goal is to raise $36,000 for all the aspects of The Bimah Project 2018

Toward this goal, we are THRILLED to announce an anonymous CEC member has pledged $18,000 to support this effort, if the congregation can raise the additional $18,000 balance!

We ask you to join the excitement this generous matching challenge grant has created! Your support of this vitally important project will enable us to update our sacred religious objects and maintain important aspects of our daily synagogue life. These aspects include our full-time Rabbi, our Hazan, support staff, our wonderful facility at Equality Park, and enable us to continue to expand our multi-dimensional religious, social and educational programming throughout the year.

As you can see from the enclosed donation form, you will be able to sponsor any of the important aspects of The Bimah Project 2018 that have not already been reserved. There will be a thank you plaque created and displayed on our “Honor Wall” as you enter the synagogue, indicating all our generous donors.

Please allow your heart and the passion you feel for CEC to guide your level of support for this important synagogue fundraising effort.

CEC would like to thank the following people for their early and especially generous support:

Anonymous CEC member (Matching challenge grant); Sidney Honig & Timothy Kuehne (new Ark); Sydney Rosenberg & Mehdi Mohammedkhani (new Rabbi and Hazan Lecterns); Davina Gelber (new Eternal Light); Wayne Lampert & Ricardo Bustamante IV (new Shabbat Candle table) and Joe Pallant (April reception events).

Our goal is to keep our synagogue fiscally healthy and our Bimah a continuously beautiful part of our services.

Thank you for your help in supporting our work to enrich our Jewish LGBTQ and allies’ community.

May the blessings you provide for others be reflected to you and yours!


Rabbi Noah Kitty, President Jeffrey Landsman-Wohlsifer and the Board of Directors


The Bimah Project 2018: Donor Level Information:

The following levels of support have already been met by our generous donors. thank you!

$18,000 – Sponsor of entire Bimah Project 2018 (Thank you Anonymous Challenge Match donor)

$7,000 – Sponsor of the new Torah Ark (Thank you Sidney Honig & Timothy Kuehne

in memory of Charles Charens)

$3,600 – Sponsor of new Rabbi and Hazan Lecterns (Thank you Sydney Rosenberg & Mehdi                                           Mohammedkhani)

$2,500 – Sponsor of the new Eternal Light (Thank you Davina Gelber)

$1,800 — Sponsor of new Shabbat Candle table (Thank you Wayne Lampert & Ricardo Bustamante IV in memory of Fagel Lampert Lipschutz)

$1,500 – Reception Sponsor of the Bimah Project 2018 April events (Thank you Pallant Insurance                                Agency)

$1,000 – Sponsor of the new Torah Chair (Thank you Anonymous donor)

KLAF – Restoration and re-dedication of our sacred Torah Scroll:

$3,600 – Yad haTorah, to complete essential repairs to our two Torah scrolls (Thank you,                                                Anonymous Donor)

The following sponsorship levels are still available to individuals or groups:

$2,500 – Hillel Level Sponsor of the Bimah Project 2018

$1,800 – Elijah Level Sponsor of the Bimah Project 2018

$1,000 – Miriam Level Sponsor of the Bimah Project 2018.

Thank you:

CEC Board of Directors

Fred Weber


The following donations are designated for specific Torah repairs.

$2,500 – Yad Moshe, reserved for those who wish to sponsor a sacred column of text

$1,800 – Yad Devorah, reserved for those who wish to sponsor the word Shema

$1,000 – Yad Aaron, reserved for those who wish to sponsor two entire verses

$540 – Yad Mordechai, reserved for those who wish to sponsor one entire verse

$360 – Yad Sarah, reserved for those who wish to sponsor one passage

$180 – Yad Rachel, reserved for those who wish to sponsor the word, Beracha (blessing)

$118 – Yad David, reserved for those who wish to sponsor the word Mitzvah

$18 – Yad Yacov, reserved for those who wish to sponsor one letter. (Option for more than one letter)

Sponsorship Level:

Sponsor Individual Letters: