The Mezuzah Project

February 27, 2017






Congregation Etz Chaim held a very special event, The Mezuzah Project,  on Sunday, March 26th from 3-5 pm.  We gathered at the Synagogue in celebration of a new Mezuzah commissioned to represent the commitment to our home in Wilton Manors. Soferet Julie Seltzer and glass artist Phyllis Berger, the co-creators of our finished Mezuzah, were in attendance.

When completed this Mezuzah will represent our tradition to sanctify our home that it should be a place of Divine peace and safety.  In addition, it allows us to recognize all of the individuals whose generous donations support our ongoing presence and programming.

The Mezuzah has become a vital symbol for Jews over the centuries and across the globe. Literally meaning “doorpost”, a Mezuzah consists of a parchment scroll, klaf, inscribed with the most fundamental verses of the Torah, the Shema.  Written only by a trained scribe, Sofer/et, the scrolls are then placed in decorative cases which are then placed in all of the doorways in the home except for the bathroom.  For millennia, the sight of a mezuzah has served as a beacon of welcome and safety.

A Mezuzah represents home and community.  For our Etz Chaim Mezuzah, we reach out to our family and neighbors to participate in its creation.  Support for this project helped to grow our home into a center of tradition, spiritual strength, fellowship, and learning.

Now more than ever, we thank you for standing with us.

You can still donate by clicking below and know that your support is appreciated and used to fulfill our mission.